WORLDWIDE Top-Notch Customer Service
PROCESS and Property Management Experts
LOGISTICS and Global Supply Chain Management
HUMILITY and Hard Work Expected 
WPLH Logistics Consulting LLC (WPLH) provides strategic consulting and services to the United States Government and Industry from its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Our team can mobilize the right people with the right skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance. As a Minority Owned Small Business located in Tampa’s HUBZone, WPLH is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our State and Federal clients.


PEOPLE - Our people, their livelihoods, innovation, and ideas matter.
FOLLOW-THROUGH - We strive to develop, perform and assess the work provided by our team.
TRUST- The foundation of WPLH is trust; we want to build continued relationships through honesty, integrity and candor.


COMMUNICATION - The foundation of WPLH is to remain transparent and candid with our clients
INNOVATION - Through talent and academia, we strive to learn about the ever-changing world. Understanding trends and innovation are critical to WPLH Logistics, Consulting LLC.
RESPECT - We respect our people and our clients